The 8 best steak sauce recipes to serve with your weeknight steak frites 10 ingredients or less 30 minutes or less dinner meat recipes these super easy steak sauces have 6 ingredients or less and are quick to whip up to make a weeknight steak over the top posted september 18 2021 by stephanie.

The right steak knives can make all the difference to your dinners at home these are some of our favorite steak knife sets you can buy right now from wuesthof shun and classic laguiole style.

A rare steak should be warm through the center lightly charred on the outside browned around the sides and bright red in the middle the meat should be soft to the touch much like raw meat but browned over the surface for a 1 inch steak place steak on a hot grill for 5 minutes turn and continue grilling for another 3 minutes.

Instant pot steak and potatoes stew i am using an 8 quart instant pot but you can use a 6 quart if you prefer we also used our instant pot to make another simple meal instant pot steak and potatoes i love having simple recipes i can throw together quickly it really helps on busy nights take out is not that good and goodness it is expensive.

The spruce hugo lin beef brisket is one of the most flavorful cuts of meat although it is tough and needs to be cooked in just the right way its also a moderately fatty cut of beef but this can work to your advantage because it tenderizes into succulent meaty perfection taken from the area around the breastbone the brisket is basically the chest or pectoral hellip.

A rare steak should have roughly the same firmness for a medium rare steak make a ball with your middle finger and thumb a medium rare steak should have the same feel as the ball made by your thumb for a medium steak make a ball with your thumb and ring finer a medium steak should have the same firmness as the bulge made by your thumb.

Let your steak sit for a few minutes before serving remove the steak from the grill if it is charred to your liking use a small sharp knife to make a small cut in the middle of the steak if it looks done allow it to sit for 10 15 minutes as this allows the flavors to mix and settle if not grill for another 1 2 minutes serve whole or sliced.