Chives vs green onions chives green onions and scallions look alike on the grocery shelf but have unique characteristics while chives and green onions can sometimes be substituted in recipes you rsquo ll need to make some adjustments to the dish.

While green onions are often used as a substitute for chives there are several notable differences between green onions vs chives most notably green onions have a stronger flavor with a slightly peppery taste while chives are a bit more mild dried chives can also be used as a convenient fresh chives substitute that you can keep in your.

Shallots vs scallions as they rsquo re both part of the allium genus shallots and scallions are often mistaken for one another however the manner in which they are used is very different scallions also known as green onions are harvested when the bulbs are immature and used for their long thin green leaves.

Higher protein diets can make you feel full and support weight loss and muscle growth there are a ton of plant based protein options out there seitan tempeh lentils chickpeas and green peas are a few examples and the hellip.

Make the sumac pickled onions combine red onion wine vinegar sumac and 1 4 teaspoon kosher salt in a small dish and set aside while you prepare the other ingredients or ideally at least 15 minutes combine all salad ingredients including red onions and their pickling liquid in a medium bowl and season to taste with salt and red pepper.