For light as air frosting that sets well try pudding mix as your secret ingredient these top rated pudding frosting recipes are perfect for icing any cake we have pudding frostings with cool whip and without as well as sugar hellip.

When it comes to cake there are tons of options to choose from mdash layer cakes sheet cakes and mug cakes to name a few but if theres one type of cake thats sure to have everyone at your party ooh ing and ahh ing its the kind thats served in a clear glass dish with layers of flavorful goodness for everyone to see were talking about a trifle of course.

Dream about all the ingredients youd like to see in a dessert and youll see why we named this fantasy chocolate pie this holiday dessert recipe includes three kinds of chocolate pieces milk chocolate semisweet and semisweet and white chocolate swirled plus coconut pecans and almonds.