Homemade sauce is the perfect way to use up a bounty of summer tomatoes toss it with fresh pasta or spoon it over meatballs for an easy weeknight dinner get the recipe at jessica in the kitchen shop mason jars.

Garlic is a go to ingredient for a lot of cooks it forms the backbone of pan sauces roasts pasta marinades salad dressings and much more indeed this pungent herb adds a savory depth and aroma to any dish it touches.

Dishes range from raw fresh small bites to hot plates and rice boxes while notable highlights include the hamachi topped with salmon roe grated bottarga and crispy garlic chips and a delightful unassuming tomato dish the fresh and sweet oxheart cherry and jubilee tomatoes energised and perfectly balanced with a zesty yuzu dressing.

Dishes can be paired with an exemplary wine list for an extra 60 per person the drinks are as innovative as the food and there rsquo s also an intriguing selection of beer cocktails and sake maitre d rsquo aidan monk passionately describes the reasons behind each pairing and the lengthy process to choose individual matches.