This honey wheat sourdough sandwich bread will keep fresh for a few days to freeze wrap individual loaves in plastic wrap and insert into a freezer safe container make sure they have cooled completely before wrapping easy sourdough recipes for home bakers baking with sourdough is easy when you have the right recipes.

Potato sourdough starter produces a milder sourdough bread than the stronger rye or wheat starters this starter is also inexpensive to make using only three medium potatoes the bread flour can be replaced with all purpose wheat or rye flour making it a flexible recipe that can be pulled together easily.

The honey does the soothing while the lemon juice can help with congestion you can also simply eat the 2 teaspoons of honey or create a spread on bread for a snack sourdough find.

3 4 cup 170g active sourdough starter 1 tablespoon honey 1 teaspoon salt instructions add all ingredients together in the bowl of a stand mixer with dough hook turn the mixer on 1 2 never higher than 2 or medium low and let the mixer knead the dough for about 5 minutes the dough will be sticky and doesnt quite form a ball.

Honey mustard onion generous chunks of our sourdough hard pretzels bursting with intense flavor combinations hellip like the delectable honey mustard and onion in our honey mustard onion pretzel pieces.

Feeding your sourdough starter feed your sourdough starter 4 hours prior to mixing your dough this will ensure that your starter is active and ready to go to work combine 1 cup of your active sourdough starter with salt sugar and cinnamon in a large bowl stir in the warm milk melted butter and egg.

Sourdough starters are often referred to as a percentage lsquo hydration rsquo for example 100 hydration sourdough starter the percentage indicates the hydration of the flour in hellip.