We used eight medium granny smith apples and a mixture of 2 3 of a cup sugar 1 3 of a cup all purpose flour and one tablespoon of cinnamon to make emilys famous apple pie filling for interesting flavor and texture try using two or more types of apples in your filling a pinch of salt and a dash of ground cloves enhance the cinnamon flavor.

Cut vents into the pie crust with a sharp paring knife or use a fork to prick a decorative pattern on the top crust small cookie cutters are especially nice when baking apple pies these need to be well vented so that the crust doesnt end up as a solid dome over the cooked down fruit.

An easy dulce de leche cooked condensed milk recipe with only 1 ingredient sweetened condensed milk is cooked until it becomes thick creamy caramel like pudding that you can use for many dessert recipes it rsquo s delicious straight out of the can with ice cream in coffee or spread onto apple slices.

This may be ok for the pie chart brigade but for technical pictures it is a disaster even fixing ppt pictures into word for course notes changed so much i couldn rsquo t handle it so i hellip.

When the oven is preheated place the standing rib roast into the oven for 25 minutes after 25 minutes reduce the oven to 350 degree fahrenheit and continue to cook until the internal temperature reaches 140 degrees fahrenheit.

What do you do with maple butter there are so many recipes you can make with maple syrup you can use maple syrup and maple sugar to sweeten an apple pie you can add maple syrup to an old fashioned fudge recipe you can use pure maple syrup to make a maple syrup pie however maple syrup is quite fluid and loose so it doesnt make the best topping or hellip.

Over the years aarp the magazine has regularly reported on great places to live on a modest income but in our first assessment since the pandemic began we knew we had to amend the criteria aarp rsquo s livable communities team mdash which provides support to local leaders to help make cities and towns best suited for people of all ages mdash and the aarp public policy hellip.

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