Preheat the oven to 350 deg f 177 deg c line a 12 cup muffin pan with cupcake liners using a handheld or stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment beat the butter and sugar together on medium high speed in a large bowl until creamed about 2 minutes.

Expert tip if youre using pie filling in the center gently press the bottom down on the inside of the cupcake after hollowing it out but before filling it so that its compressed it helps the bottoms not get soggy lemon cupcakes are tart and tangy and mouth wateringly good these are lemon with lemon buttercream apple pie so easy made with cinnamon roll dough hellip.

Soda pop adds an unexpected flavor and little bit of fizz to a traditional chocolate cupcake some fluffy whipped cream frosting and a cherry on top sweetens the deal thanks to the baking fairy for sharing photo and recipe for these chocolate coca cola cupcakes 18 blackberry coconut cupcakes.

You take 1 tablespoon of lemon or vinegar your choice to 1 cup of plant based milk i normally put the 1 t of lemon in the 1 cup measuring cup and then fill the remainder of it with the plant based milk mix it with a spoon and let it sit for 10 min it will start to have a curdled look it works perfectly and works just like buttercream.

Tender white cake with coconut layered inside frosted with a delicious coconut buttercream and more coconut serves 8 12 lemon chiffon cake only light and tangy chiffon cake goes perfect with fresh blueberry sauce lemon whipped cream gf df no whip available serves 12 16 lemon crunch cake only moist lemon pound cake soaked in a.

Add the molasses and mix until combined then add the ginger lemon zest and vanilla and mix until incorporated with the mixer running at low speed alternate between adding the buttermilk and flour mixture in three increments mixing until just combined do hellip.

Chocolate buttercream beat in 8 oz melted and cooled dark or bittersweet chocolate to any recipe above lemon curd buttercream fold in 1 cup of lemon curd to any recipe above strawberry raspberry or blackberry buttercream fold in 1 cup of seedless preserves into any recipe above resources the baker rsquo s manual 5th edition.

Add 1 cup 2 sticks of softened butter i only ever use real butter but you can use whatever you have on hand although i think margarine changes the taste your buttercream frosting made with margarine will still better than canned frosting.

Cupcake frosting simple vanilla frosting is a great topper for any cupcake i frosted 300 cupcakes with this recipe for my wedding in lieu of a traditional cake it made for a delicious bridal twist mdash annie rundle milwaukee wisconsin.

Thanks natasha for this amazing recipe i have tried many other swiss meringue buttercream recipes and this is by far the best it is soft and light and pipes like a dream i flavoured the buttercream with lemon oil and used it to decorate a blackberry cake for my husband rsquo s 60th birthday using your sponge cake recipe it was such a hit.

Bring all ingredients except the lemon juice to a boil simmer for 5 minutes then stir in lemon juice remove from heat and set aside hellip.

Hi veronica the recipe for meyer lemon blueberry cupcakes is the cupcake version of this cake and the batter fits perfectly into three 6 inch layers if you only have 2 pans bake two layers and keep the remaining batter at room temperature until your pan is free again.

Southern bakers have always been crafty with the ingredients they have on hand and the time they have to use them even if mama is a diehard from scratch baker there are times when everyone has to turn to a box of cake mix these dreamy cakes are anything but basic but the prep is just that.

Pull apart cupcake christmas tree and chocolate cake rolled in malted milk french buttercream will win over even eggnog skeptics which complements the fruity lemon and blackberry flavors.

Buttercream is a classic for good reason blackberry orange blossom a swath of magenta blooms and accents of oranges dominate a lemon custard and berry flavored naked cake with vibrancy.

Finding the best dessert in every state is a sweet kind of challenge from decadent ice cream sundaes to slices of cake to over the top treats you may not have heard about yet we scoured the country for the most iconic and truly beloved desserts that represent local flavors and tastes.

Flan aux fruits secs et a la banane in 11 minutes hello everybody i hope you rsquo re having an amazing day today today i will show you a way to make a special dish flan aux fruits secs et a la banane.

As far as pantry staples go canned sweetened condensed milk is among the most magical not only is it rich luscious and delicious on its own we know you rsquo ve licked the spoon clean before but it rsquo s also the secret to making homemade dulce de leche cheater rsquo s fudge and foolproof no churn ice cream iconic treats like key lime pie tres leches cake and vietnamese hellip.

Lemon tea cookies these sandwich cookies taste rich and buttery and have a lovely lemon filling the recipe has been in our family since the 1950s when my mother got it from a french friend in her club mdash phyllis dietz westland michigan.

C razy as it sounds recipes with canned pie fillings arent just for making pies while it does make pie making easier your pie skills will practically rival those of keri russel in the movie waitress pie fillings are very versatile and can transform the flavor of a cake or pudding in a snap today we decided to showcase 20 recipes using canned pie filling that are hellip.