Use it of course to make candy but keep it around for bread baking roasts hot milk even water for pour over coffee with more than 31 000 reviews on amazon this probe thermometer still has 4 5 stars and reviewers like that its really easy to use accurate and easy to read.

20 recipes that prove pumpkin and cream cheese are meant to be pumpkin and cream cheese are proof that opposites attract pumpkin brings a natural sweetness mdash often flavored with warm earthy spices like cinnamon nutmeg and ginger mdash while cream cheese is rich tart and tangy.

My best chocolate birthday cake recipe tips best ingredient tip make sure that the coffee is very hot as close to freshly boiled as possible when you add it to the cake batter this is the secret to a super moist and fluffy cake to ensure that my coffee stays very hot i pour it into an insulated mug right after boiling.