These 50 low carb instant pot recipes are so delicious you might just lick your bowl clean we rsquo ve rounded up some of our favorite keto and low carb recipes from some of our favorite food bloggers beans veggies chicken shrimp beef pork and more ndash and every recipe fits perfectly in a low carb hellip.

This instant pot chicken breast recipe is probably the easiest and most versatile one to start with it requires just three ingredients plus salt and pepper to your liking writer and photographer for low carb recipes my keto blog features natural keto recipes as well as healthy proteins and veggies for everyone all with 10.

Chicken breasts can be prepared in many ways mdash on the grill in a skillet in the oven or in an instant pot here are our top chicken breast recipes for keto and low carb diets 4 ingredient chicken hellip.

Chicken parmesan easily made in an instant pot in 20 minutes this chicken is light low carb and gluten gree since there is no breading.

This instant pot chicken breast recipe will show you how to cook the best perfectly juicy and flavorful chicken breast in the pressure cooker the delicious gravy is a bonus you can cook a perfect whole chicken or amazing chicken thighs right in your instant pot this chicken breast recipe is a must have in the collection.

Place ingredients in the instant pot set the instant pot trivet or any other pressure cooker rack like this 7 amazon best seller inside the insert of the instant pot season the chicken with salt and place on the trivet pour chicken broth or water over the chicken close the lid cook the chicken hellip.

Instant pot chicken parmesan soup cheryl spangenberg of that rsquo s what che said serves up an italian classic in a bowl decked with chicken mozzarella tortellini onions tomato rotini italian seasonings parmesan and more this is a dinner you won rsquo t want to miss.

Heres the easiest foolproof recipe on how to cook a whole chicken in the instant pot or other electric pressure cooker you can use fresh or frozen chicken the resulting meat tastes like rotisserie chicken and is incredibly juicy and tender perfect for low carb hellip.